Since 2006, we have been creating digital building material twins for building material manufacturers from all industries and making them available free of charge to the architectural, design and planning community. These CAD & BIM textures are integrated directly into the digital planning process via our worldwide implementation in the relevant CAD & BIM software ... so that the construction is based on your materials. mtextur - the leading building material hub for CAD & BIM textures of real building materials for high-quality renderings and planning.

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mtextur's CAD textures achieve more …


  • Seamlessly tileable with maps (seamless textures)
  • Can be used across all software
  • 1K and 2 to 4K+ resolutions (HiRes & Photo Based Textures)
  • Perfected for renderings, views, floor plans, animations, axonometrics, mock-ups, mood boards, AR/VR ...


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… planned for real


mtextur's BIM textures know more …


  • Manufacturer referenced
  • Material type & material subtype
  • Application area
  • Colour association
  • Material name with unique ID & URL (QR code & direct links)
  • Standardised data sheet (mtextur data sheet / PDF)
  • Size referenced
  • Various material parameters such as material weight, fire index, quality certificates, EN standard, embodied CO2, R-value, multilingual parameter info texts, IFC & eBKP, delivery zones … and many more.

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We bring your building materials into the digital planning process.

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